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Scanner For CO2 Laser Surgery

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Carbon Dioxide Laser Scanner

Powered by high technology, our scanner can be installed onto the CO2 surgical laser system to assists carbon dioxide laser surgery for speeding up surgical process, and controlling beam overlapping area for better result.


CO2 Laser Hand Pieces

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CO2 Laser HandPieces

The laser hand pieces are installed at the output end of laser delivery system such as articulated arm or flexible fiber, and gripped by the laser operator's hand to help controlling rapid movements, focusing laser beam on the target, or redirecting laser beam to different angles.


CO2 Laser Waveguide

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Infrared CO2 Laser Wavegide

Our hollow waveguide is another option to deliver CO2 laser for medical laser applications. This hollow-core fiber features small size, flexibility, and good maneuverability. In comparison with regular optical fiber, our hollow waveguides eliminate the possibility of damage since the laser energy is transmitted in the air core instead of in the bulk fiber.


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