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CO2 Laser Hand Pieces

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CO2 Laser HandPieces

The laser hand pieces are installed at the output end of laser delivery system such as articulated arm or flexible fiber, and gripped by the laser operator's hand to help controlling rapid movements, focusing laser beam on the target, or redirecting laser beam to different angles.

Standard Hand Pieces
CO2 Laser Surgery Hand Pieces Main Base Hand Piece: used for connecting articulated arm and different hand-piece tip.
CO2 Surgical Laser HandPiece Cutting Tip Cutting Tip or Focus Tip: used for burning and cutting when plugged into Main Handpiece. The tip is the focus of the co2 laser beam.
CO2 Laser Surgery HandPieces Cutting Hand Piece With Cutting Tip Plugged Into the Base Hand Piece
CO2 Surgical Laser Hand Pieces Transition Tube: used to extend Main Hand Piece when necessary.
Tonsil Tip (End Stop Tip): used for tonsil operation when plugged into Main Hand Piece.
Customized Hand Pieces
3mm-OD Hollow Fiber Focusing Lens Tip: used to insert into Main Hand Piece (or Transition Tube). Also can be used with CO2 fiber reflect hand piece or CO2 fiber focus hand piece.
135o side-firing focusing lens tip. Used to make the beam deflect to 135 degree.
150o side-firing focusing lens tip. Used to make the beam deflect to 150 degree.
Scanner: assists carbon dioxide laser surgery to increase surgical speed and have better control of beam overlapping area.


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