Intense Pulse Light Therapy System

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Intense Pulse Light IPL Treatment Therapy Products

Our intense pulsed light therapy systems, Angelite aesthetic system series, are designed with leading intense pulsed light technology. The photon energy is primarily absorbed by melanin, hemoglobin. As a result, skin aesthetic, hair removal and pigment removal can be achieved with no side-effect. Our intense pulsed light system can be applied in the following area:
Age spots (sun-induced freckles) and most benign brown pigments.
Telangiectasia, addresses broken capillaries which often cause redness
Acne, Bottle nose.

Skin Photo Rejuvenation
Treats full face, neck, chest or hands - helping restore an overall youthful look

Hair Removal
Permanent removal of unwanted hair (such as hisker, armpit hair, arco-hair, etc.)


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