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ATL Angelite DDC System

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Intense Pulse Light Angelite-DDC

ATL Angelite-DDC system is compact and designed with leading Intense Pulse Light(IPL) technology. It delivers light pulse at wavelengths ranging from 400nm to 1200nm. 

System Feature

Large spot size for quick treatment
Adjustable pulse width,sub pulse width and interval
User friendly interface with 10.4” touch-screen control
Pyroelectric cooling system for treatment crystal
Leading technology of IPL system

Technical Specification

Output energy(J) 120
Light spectrum 400~1200nm
Spot size 45.8×10.8mm
Max Energy density   1~24 (J/cm2)
Cycle 1s, 2s, 3s
Subpulse width 4ms,5ms,6ms
Subpulse number 1~15
Input Power 1000VA
The length of wire 1.4m
Instability of output energy ±20%
Power Supply  110/220VAC   60/50Hz
Dimension 46cm(L) x 40cm(W) x 25cm(H)
Weight (Kg ) 30

Product Application

Age spots (sun-induced freckles) and most benign brown pigments. Telangiectasia, Addresses broken capillaries which often cause redness, Acne, Bottle nose
Skin Photo Rejuvenation
Treats full face, neck, chest or hands - helping restore
an overall youthful look  
hair removal
Permanent removal of unwanted hair (such as hisker, armpit hair, arco-hair, etc.)


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