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Smooth Touch YAG Laser

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ND:YAG Surgical Laser

SmoothTouch is a high-power, long-pulse Nd:YAG medical laser which gives you a great opportunity to treat hair removal of all skin
type and wide range of vascular lesions. The deep penetration of
the 1064nm wavelength and high fluence make the SmoothTouch
treat thin and deep vascular lesions include PWS and leg veins


  • With the Equal Energy Distribution technology and big spot size, you can remove hair very fast and effectively.
  • The bigger, the faster. The big 8/10/12mm spot size save your time
  • The deeper, the better. Since the hair bulbs and vascular are stay in deep layer of the skin, the deeper penetration, the better energy efficiency.
  • The higher fluence, the wider range of clinic. The SmoothTouch can generate high fluence up to 300J/cm2 @ 3mm handpiece. With higher fluence , you can treat wider range of vascular lesions.
  • The integrated contact cooling provides you the fast and economical way to protect epidermis. With the contact cooling, the patient can feel safe and comfort.

Technical Specification

Laser Type:   Long-Pulse Nd: YAG Laser
Wavelength:   1064 nm
Pulse Duration:    3-300 ms Adjustable
Skin Protection:   Contact Cooling 40C
Frepuency:      1Hz
Delivery System:  Fiber/Handpiece
Aiming Beam:      Green LED
Cooling System:  Water to air heat exchanger
Power Supply:  220/30A   110/60A
Dimensions:   940mm*500mm*1020mm(L*W*H)
Weight:               140kg

 Handpiece Specifications




 Smart Handpiece






 Contect Cooling





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